Freshness Burger @ The Central {Closed}

I paid a total of $18.80 through a Groupon deal for two WW burgers, two cheese fries and two (supposedly baby cakes which ran out and was replaced with) hash brows. Even with Groupon, I find all these expensive much less the original price of $36.40. However, I clung on to a ray of hope because Freshness Burger is from Japan, and Japan food is expensive and usually good.

Classic WW Burger‘WW’ indicates ‘double’ – meaning double patties and double cheese, but I think they cheated me one slice of cheese here. Never mind about that, their “100% real” beef patties are also sad, dry, and thin.

Cheese FriesCheese fries and hash brows were also mediocre, and seemingly fried with overused oil.

Sorry Freshness Burger, your burgers no fresh at all. I would choose McDonald’s double cheeseburger and KFC’s cheese fries for a fraction of the price anytime. Or if I were to spend that amount of money on burgers, I make sure I go for something hearty and fulfilling like Relish.

Freshness Burger {Closed}

1.8Overall Score

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