{France: Paris} Chez Edouard

The Fishmonger's PlatterFresh oysters, whelks, prawns, and crabs in a large basin of crushed ice. My folks didn’t like it because the seafood felt too cold and raw for them to take. I felt it was kinda weird initially too but I grew to like it, especially the creamy roe from the crab.

Pan-fried Foie GrasFoie Gras in its most original form. There wasn’t much seasoning or flavours, just a wholesome slab of buttery goose liver!

Fricassee of Snails in Mild GarlicThe escargots were much more acceptable for my folks – at least they were served warm.

Boneless Rib SteakThe rib steak was mediocre, but to some people in the tour group, it was the only edible dish that they looked forward to.

Apple Tart
The above restaurant food is an optional meal arranged by a tour agency. The set dinner is charged at 60 Euros per person inclusive of red wine. Read about my Europe trip here.

Chez Edouard

5.8Overall Score

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