Peperoni Pizzeria @ Zion

My first memory of Peperoni Pizzeria is still very vivid. I remember stepping into the cosy vine-filled courtyard at Greenwood Avenue back then in 2008, and I fell in love with both the ambience and food. But because of the location, I’ve only been there twice.

Four years later, Peperoni Pizzeria has branched out into four outlets, and so I checked out the Zion one since it was most centralised. It is a more modernised and casual restaurant as compared to the Greenwood outlet.

Calamari Fritti

Chicken Wings


Carbonara (Pork)

Prawn Risotto

Pancetta (Pork) + Funghi Family PizzaThe XXL 21 inch pizza is a godsend for big groups.

Somehow I felt that the calamari and pizza are much more memorable in Greenwood, but the pastas here are worth a go!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of updates. Been to outer space and back, so I’ll be updating some overseas food entries soon.

Pepperoni Pizzeria

6.6Overall Score

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  1. adel

    is Peperoni having nett pricing or inclusive of only service charge which I heard somewhere sometime back.. enlighten me? cheers!

    • Lazy Foodies
      Lazy Foodies

      Hi Adel, Peperoni Pizzeria do not impose any service charge :) They go by nonobligatory tips if you’re happy with their service.


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