Wimbly Lu

Wimbly LuTucked among the private estates off Serangoon, hides this nifty little cafe called Wimbly Lu.

Wimbly LuThe moment I stepped in, I was wooed over. Love how the sun roof filled the whole place with natural light.

Root Beer Float CakeThis was interesting. Root beer infused chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream – it was like having root beer float in its solid state!

S'mores PiePardon my choice of words, but other than FUCKING ORGASMIC I don’t know what else to say about the ‘S’mores Pie.’ I heard it is a very new item (like two days old), and aren’t we happy to be the lucky guinea pigs!


LatteTheir chocolate drinks look good too but it will probably be too overwhelming. Never mind, there’s always a next time many more times, because I’m seriously craving for their ‘S’more Pie’ again!

Wimbly Lu

8.8Overall Score

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