Saboten @ Changi Airport T1

It’s not easy to find a solid piece of Tonkatsu – with crispiness and tenderness just fine; fattiness and oiliness just right. I hate the greasy thick batter kind where you can barely taste the underlying meat.

SabotenRevered in Japan as one of the top Tonkatsu restaurant chains spanning over 500 outlets across Asia, I know I’m in for a treat with Saboten.

Saboten Special SetThe ‘Saboten Special Set’ comprises of breaded shrimp, pork tenderloin, pork loin, and crab cream croquette. All sets are also served with pickled vegetable, dessert, free flow cabbage, rice and miso soup.

CabbageServed with non-oil yuzu (orange peel) dressing and my favourite goma (sesame) dressing!

Loin Katsu CurryDelicious curry sauce! But notice the ‘Tonkatsu Sauce’ lurking at the back? It is made up of over 10 spices with the marriage of sesame that you grind by yourself.

Loin KatsudonThe egg added a moist touch to the Tonkatsu yet not making it too soggy.

So what’s the secret to Saboten? They emphasise strongly on freshly made bread crumbs and only use barley-fed mature pigs (180 days of age or older) to yield sweeter, juicier and more tender meat with softer texture. Deep frying the cutlet in pure vegetable oil also ensures a light finishing taste.

High TeaFor those who doesn’t want a too filling meal can catch their weekday high tea (3pm – 5.30pm) for just $10++ per set!


7.4Overall Score

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