Laziest Homemade "Ramen Egg"

I’ve always liked the ramen kind of egg, but I know making one requires overnight seasoning. Being as lazy as I can be, I just wanted the simplest way to achieve the “solid outside, runny inside” kind of egg without having to wait a night.

So after some Google work, here’s what I did.

1) Put egg straight from fridge into boiling water.
2) Use low heat. Make sure egg is in center of the bowl.
3) After about 7 minutes, transfer egg directly into ice water.
4) Leave it for 2 – 3 minutes.
5) Peel egg and eat.

Laziest Homemade Ramen EggMy first attempt was considerably a success! But the peeling of egg came as a huge challenge (I think it’s quite obvious) because I was so afraid I’ll crush the fragile egg.

Laziest Homemade Ramen EggAnd I had it the soft-boiled egg style – with just pepper and dark soy sauce. Simple yet fulfilling.

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