Laurent at Portsdown: Easter Set

Being a big fan of Laurent Bernard’s ‘Chocolate Soufflé,’ little did I know that they actually do serve food as well, but only at their Portsdown branch.

Laurent BernardSo kudos to their awesome invitation, else I would never have discovered this gem hidden at the other side of the island (which took me quite a while to find).

Laurent BernardBefore the dinner, we were given an insight to the chocolates made fresh daily by Laurent the chocolate artisan himself! He was very willing to share and did not put on airs at all.

Chocolate ContentIt was about chocolate content and its percentage, how to tell good and bad chocolates apart, the making of chocolates and stuffs like that.

Then, like excited Easter bunnies, we were seated down for our 3-course ‘Chocolate Menu Set.’

Seared Scallop with Cocoa Nibs Fennel FoamI like how the scallops were well complimented by the looks and taste of the fennel foam.

For the main entrée, there is a choice of either a juicy slab of ribeye steak or a whole chicken thigh.

Grilled Ribeye Steak with Cocoa Orange SauceI chose the former and I enjoyed every bit of it! I mean, I’ve eaten steaks with black pepper sauce, mushroom sauce, BBQ sauce, but who knows about chocolate sauce? It was kinda weird at first but it grows with time. Soon, I was emptying the whole cup of sauce all over my steak and mashed potatoes.

Peruvian ChickenThe chocolate sauce served with the ‘Peruvian Chicken’ was much thicker and stronger in comparison.

Banana and Chocolate CakeMuch efforts have been pumped into this exquisite piece of dessert – meringue sponge base, hazelnut crunch, caramelised bananas, whipped ganache and nut toppings. The result is a marriage of crispy layers and soft sweet chocolate cake.

This Easter set is available at the Portsdown branch from now till 10th April only for $50++.

Laurent BernardWith compliments from Laurent Bernard Chocolatier.

Artisan ChocolatesSweeeeeet.

Big thank you to Laurent, Morgane, and the great crew for having us once again!

Laurent @ Portsdown Restaurant

8.5Overall Score

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