Chocolate Origin @ Changi Village

Alas, a chocolate cake with everything perfect – sweetness, richness, texture, meltability.

Chocolate Origin

DarkCheck out the smooth, mirror-like surface!

DarkOne bite, and I was sold. Two thin layers of sponge trapped between robust chocolate truffles. The best part is, it isn’t sweet at all. I’m a big fan of dark bitter chocolates, so this cake fits me just fine. (Pardon my ugly cutting.)

If you prefer something slightly sweeter, opt for their ‘Original’ flavour. There is no extra sugar added, no colourings, no preservatives, and they use Belgium dark chocolate for both their cakes.

Chocolate Origin will be at Takashimaya B2 until this Sunday (19th Feb), and I heard that they’ll be opening a new store in 313@somerset next month. Good news to the non-east-siders! You don’t have to travel all the way to Changi Village anymore!

Chocolate Origin

9.3Overall Score

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  1. nigeleats

    Hello! Great to know that their cake is worth 5 stars! I’ve always wondered how their cakes tasted like, now I know where to satisfy my chocolate cravings or to a get a really good choclate cake for birthdays!(:


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