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My world came crashing down when I learnt that my favourite burger place, Burger Bench & Bar (by Wild Rocket), had ceased operation. The same goes for Kichn (not a burger joint but one of my favourite places) which closed down too. I don’t understand why these good places just don’t make enough money to carry on serving good food. WHY!

Back to burgers. Wild Rocket had opened Relish near my place a while ago. I finally went over to check it out, and darn, was I elated that I can sink my teeth into that piece of much missed beef patty once again.


Parmesan Wings

Wild Rocket Beef Burger

Mixed Sauté Mushroom & Cheese BurgerA must-order from Burger Bench & Bar. So glad that they have it here.

Bacon & Cheese Beef Burger

Konig Ludwig BeerThe ‘Konig Ludwig Beer’ is recommended to pair with the ‘Bacon & Cheese Burger.’


7.8Overall Score

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