Domino’s Pizza: Cheese Overload

I recalled attending Domino’s grand opening at the start of 2010. They had two outlets back then and by now, coming to the end of 2011, they’ve opened thirteen outlets islandwide.

Domino's PizzaThis is their twelfth, at Tampines.

Introducing Domino’s latest pizza sauce – Cheese Overload! I was excited to death because I am a hardcore cheese fan.

Domino's PizzaDomino’s Pizza has one of the most efficient and user-friendly online ordering systems ever. I had plenty experiences with them and never once did they fail me.

Domino's PizzaAnd 30 minutes delivery time guaranteed! Else, free pizza for you!

Classic PepperoniWow, this was double delight for me! Cheese burst crust + cheese sauce.

Prawn Sensation

Crazy Chicken CrunchiesI like how these chicken crunchies are marinated with Tom Yum spices. YUM.

Hawaiian ParadiseClassic flavour, loaded with aromatic cheddar cheese sauce.

Classified ChickenMy all-time favourite flavour from Domino’s.

Chocolate Lava CakeAlways been wanting to try their chocolate lava cake and there it was – moist runny and all. Best part, it is half the price if you order online with a regular pizza!

Why wait! Get overloaded with cheese now.

Domino’s Pizza

7.7Overall Score

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