{Japan: Tokyo} Dining

Just gonna post photos of my random eats in Japan with minimal info because most of the time I don’t have any plans on where to eat and sometimes I don’t even know what I was ordering.

Spicy Minced Meat Ramen with Egg

Char Siu Clear Noodles

Curry Cheese RiceFrom Yoshinoya, and it’s freaking nice! Why don’t we have this in Singapore!

Green Tea Ice CreamBought at Meiji Shrine and also freaking nice. Best ice cream eaten in the entire Japan trip.

Curry Omu RiceKetchup cat hand drawn by a maid in a maid cafe.

Mango Cake

OdenAvailable in most Lawsons (their chain mini-mart) and it actually tasted much better than it looks.

Cheese Burger with Caraemlised OnionsBEST BURGER from Beck’s Coffee Shop.

Beef Burger Set

Tuna & Sea Urchin Sashimi Rice BowlSashimi breakfast screaming freshness at one of the restaurants in Tsukiji Fish Market!

Tuna & Sea Urchin Sashimi Rice Bowl

Crab Leg & Salmon RoeSeriously, need I say more?

Bento SetBentos are essential on one of the long rides to Osaka.

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