{Japan: Tokyo} Dining II

Beef Rice BowlOne of the most budget eats from a 24-hour chain rice bowl restaurant.

Cheese BurgerTheir MOS Burger standard is the same as Singapore’s. So it was so-so.


Fried Green Tea ManjuSnacking near the Sensoi-ji Temple. Nice!

Mochi Balls Coated with Soy SauceSurprisingly good.

Skewered Kibi-balls with Soybean Powder

Panda Matcha Latte

Chicken + Shiitake MushroomsAt on of the most crowded stalls at Ameyoko.

Hot SakeFirst time trying Sake, and it was disgusting. Barely finished a quarter of it.

McPorkThere is no way we can ever have this delicious burger in Singapore’s McDees.

Traditional Tea SetMatcha at its very finest! Served over scenic Rikugien Gardens at one of their traditional tea houses.

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