Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ

Mookata‘ in Thai means ‘pork and skillet.’

Mookata Set for 4A combination of marinated chicken breast, pork collar, pork belly, streaky bacon, prawns, squid, fishball, meatball, crab stick, otah, leafy vegetables, corn, golden mushroom, eggs, tung hoon and tofu.

Sliced BeefI know raw meat doesn’t look the most appetising so I shall only post one big ass photo of it.

Traditional Thai BBQI’ve seen this once at Tom Yum Kungfu but let me elaborate further.

The traditional skillet is a dome-shaped metal pan with a trough flanked around its circumference. Fueled by burning charcoal, a variety of meat is loaded on top of the skillet and as they get barbequed, tasty juices and seasonings will flow down the sides of the dome into the trough, adding flavour to the soup.

Homemade Chilli SauceSpicy lovers would be most excited to hear! Mookata makes their own chilli sauces with three levels ranging from the mildest to the deadliest. I swear by it that all of them tasted darn good.

Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ

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