Delcie’s Desserts: Media Opening Launch

Delcie's DessertsI was invited to the launch of Delcie’s first flagship store at Serangoon, and it was also the first time I learned about the existence of guilt-free sweets.

DelcieDelcie, the baker and owner, told us the story behind her “cakes that truly care.” Ever since her mum passed on due to bad health, she was bent on developing her own healthy baking methods without compromising on taste and texture.

Delcie's DessertsAll her Halal-certified cakes are baked naturally without eggs and dairy, using organic ingredients such as unbleached wholemeal flour, raw sugar, plant-based agave sweetener, trans-fat free oil, 70% dark chocolate, sea salt, calcium-enriched rice milk, and special formulated non-dairy cream.

Live DemonstrationDelcie also gave us a live cake demonstration – from mixing to decorating. No animals were slaughtered in this process ;)

Live DemonstrationSlapping on sinless chocolate cream and banana slices.

Live DemonstrationAnd there we have, a cake with a conscience.

Besides being 100% egg-free and dairy-free, Delcie also created three additional categories:
1) Baby Cakes – cakes suitable for baby’s diet.
2) Eldery Cakes – cakes that is suitable for sugar intolerant or diabetic folks.
3) Gluten Free Cakes – cakes for those with wheat allergy.

If there are any other specific health requests that you need (peanut allergy for example), feel free to call in a custom order.


Walnut Brownies

Black Cherry Dessert in CupMy favourite was this! It was so good that I downed four cups!

Delcie's DessertsDelcie’s Desserts, is by far, the only bakery in Singapore which is awarded with the ‘Healthier Choice Bakery Award’ by Health Promotion Board.

Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes

8.3Overall Score

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