69 Cold Soya Beancurd

Are you one of those whom have fallen prey to the insane queue at Lao Ban Soya Beancurd (老伴豆花)? I admit I used to be one, but ever since they got REALLY famous and opened up a second stall in the same food centre at Old Airport Road, I stopped visiting them. Reason is simple: standards dropped. The last time I went I queued one and a half hours in exchange for disappointment.

Then, I became very emo when I knew my favourite tau huey is no longer as delicious and readily available… until… I discovered 69! (I’m referring to the name of the stall by the way.)

Cold BeancurdRows of cold soya goodness.

Original BeancurdSimilar fashion to that of Lao Ban’s, but only, better (than post-famous standard). It is so good and smooth that it got me hooked. I kept making trips excuses to go back and try all their flavours.

Yes, you heard it – flavours. Not only do they have original, almond, green tea, durian, they innovate special flavours everyday. The pink one you see in the photo above is bandung, and I’ve also came across chocolate, blueberry, and lychee.

Special flavours are a tad more expensive because according to the boss, they are made from fresh fruits and ingredients (not syrup / powder / artificial flavourings) and I trust him for that as I could really taste the difference.

Green Tea BeancurdTell me now, how can this not make my day for the green tea fanatic in me?

69 Cold Soya Beancurd

8.8Overall Score

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  1. Eileen. 静

    *thumbs up* i love this stall’s bean curd too!! I have not tried laoban’s coz of the scary ques everytime i am at old airport..

    Pai seh to say..i stay at geylang bahru estate and yesterday was the first time I tried this 69 bean curd! hahaha. I was buying my veg.bee hoon breakfast and this bean curd stall was just next to it.. so i nonchalantly bought one tub of original flavor just to try . I was surprised that it tasted really smooth and good!

  2. Anonymous

    More flavors means more coloring?? Err.. green tea coloring on your picture look very frightening. greentea coloring our pure green tea?


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