New Ubin Seafood

Traditional Chinese dishes with an extraordinary twist. They claimed it to be the “Ubin” twist.

Buttered and Battered Baby Squid

Salted Egg Oysters

Brinjal DelightCrispy, sweet, with a subtle hint of spiciness, and soon we all got unknowingly hooked to this.

Sambal Kang Kong Joo Hee

Fried Baby ShrimpI was pretty skeptical about this dish at the first look, but it proved me wrong. Love how these baby shrimps crackle in my mouth!

BBQ Back RibsNothing was overdid nor shortchanged here. It was just nice – the sauce, the grilling, the tenderness.

Big Head Prawns with Ee Mee

BBQ Tiger PrawnsDespite the majority liking this, I did not fancy the “chao tar” (burnt) smell to it.

BBQ SquidInteresting introduction of garlic to the squid!

LA KarlbiKorean inspired beef served with fresh lettuce, raw garlic and green chilli. It was surprisingly well adapted and very delicious.

Spaghetti CarbonaraAnother non-chinese dish – ‘Spaghetti Carbonara’ with minimal cream sauce and small pieces of pork belly in replacement of bacon.

White Pepper CrabWhen people talk about crabs, we usually think of chilli or black pepper, but Ubin Seafood surprised us with a ‘White Pepper Crab’. It instantly became the limelight of the night! The fragrance of the white pepper complimented the fresh juicy crab meat greatly, damn, I never had anything like that before!

New Ubin Seafood

5.8Overall Score

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