The Gallerie: Opening

The GallerieFollowing the success of Rasapura Masters at the Marina Bay Sands, Koufu has now opened The Gallerie at Marina Square.

The Gallerie Opening
With 29 carefully selected tenants inclusive of boutique food stalls and four mini restaurants integrated under one roof, graced with a panoramic view of the Marina Bay and the waterfront promenade, a whole new level of food court dining is defined.

View from The GallerieImagine savouring the affordable view of the F1 race this weekend while having a bowl of laksa. Who said you need to book hotel rooms again?

Rendang Fish Set

Thunder Tea RiceMy second time tasting ‘Thunder Tea Rice’ and I still can’t get used to the taste. It’s like weirdly minty with a bit of saltiness.

Custard BunI was quite surprised that the custard bun was pretty awesome for food court standard! It actually flows…..

Salmon PopiahPopiah reinvented. Other than the traditional ones, they also had like salmon, tuna, mexican, etc.

Tofu SoupThis was my favourite dish of the night. I finished most of it despite nearing explosion. ‘Tofu Soup’ from a Korean restaurant called Tofu Mania, and I think the name suggests it all.

Making of Beef Bugolgi

Beef BugolgiAlso from Tofu Mania.

The Noodee Box‘The Noodee Box’ by Lam’s Culinary is inspired by Chinese takeouts in the America.

Lam's Noodee BoxChef Vincent tossing the “Noodee”!

The Noodee Chaisiu

That Green DrinkAfter an overfilling dinner, it’s always good to detox with ‘That Green Drink’. (Self delusion.) It’s a healthy blend of vegetables and *ahem secret ingredients, but I detected some plum in it.

The Gallerie

6.5Overall Score

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  1. V|nc3nT-

    Hey Kaiyi, Vincent from the Noodee Box here, thx for coming down on opening day :) nice to have met you in person. Hope our food was up to your expectations, we’re constantly improving our recipe, so give it another go soon! We need all the feedback we can get in order to improve, Cya soon!

  2. Kaiyi

    Hi Vincent, nice meeting you too! Yep, the ‘noodee’ was good! Just that I was too full towards the session to fully appreciate it. I’ll come down another day with an empty stomach again! :)


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