Tai Hing Roast Restaurant

With over 60 outlets across Hong Kong and China, Tai Hing has now landed on sunny island Singapore.

Tai Hing RestaurantI love the airport. Even if I’m not jetting off, I wouldn’t mind being at the airport for just a meal or to have a whiff of the air there.

The location caters to an international but limited group of audience, so locals, if you’re a fan, pray that Tai Hing would open an outlet in town or something.

Chilled Original Milk TeaI like milk teas served this way – cold, minus the dilution from melted ice. The original taste is preserved and guess what, Tai Hing was the very first restaurant to introduce this concept back in 2003.

5-star Roasted PorkRoasted using Tai Hing’s self-developed oven, the pork has indeed the crispiest skin despite being left in the air-con for some time.

Roasted Duck

Supreme Char SiuSignature ‘Supreme Char Siu‘, and it didn’t disappoint. Large, juicy but not fatty.

Assorted Roasted Meat

Siew Mai

Carrot Cake

Spring Rolls

Tai Hing positions itself as a middle to high level premium Hong Kong-style restaurant in Singapore.

Tai Hing Roast Restaurant

6.9Overall Score

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  1. Nigel Yeo

    Hellooo, love your blog, the pictures and all! Linked you up in my blog alr too, hope we get to meet up over a meal again some time soon!(:


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