The Garden Slug

The Garden Slug

Tomato and Carrot SoupCan I say this isn’t exactly like a soup – only that it’s thicker, juicier, and serves a perfect companion for the bread.

Ugly Salmon CakesUgly because they’re hand-moulded, and hand-moulded food are often filled with love, or at least I felt it :)

Buttery Garlic Glaze Topped with Grilled Chicken StripsThis was a disappointment as it was nowhere near buttery nor garlicky and was too dry for my liking. Told one of their servers and she exchanged it for something else of my choice with no further questions asked. A big plus point for the service!

Wagyu Beef BurgerSwitched from pasta to burger, and yes, this was great!

Apple Cranberry Streusel

The Garden SlugI know this photo is totally unrelated to food. But I love this decor that sits outside the doors of The Garden Slug.

If you fancy a homely hearty affair, don’t give The Garden Slug a miss. Yes, the location is a tad inconvenient (also why I took me some time to pay it a visit), but that’s what makes it a hidden gem!

The Garden Slug

7.6Overall Score

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