StraitsKitchen @ Grand Hyatt

When I pay $58++ for a buffet, I look forward to oysters, seafood, and all that expensive stuffs – sashimis, at the very least.

StraitsKitchenA pity. StraitsKitchen is all about local cuisine – ‘Laksa,’ ‘Nasi Goreng,’ ‘Hainanese Chicken Rice,’ ‘Roti Prata with Chicken Curry.’

It was my Muslim colleague’s farewell dinner and due to the scarcity of halal-certified hotel buffets, StraitsKitchen had to be the place after hearing a friend putting in a good word.

Arabic Salad

StraitsKitchen Buffet Spread

Indian Fare

Popiah Station

Asian Desserts

Rice Pudding
I enjoyed the buffet. But I would enjoy it even better if it was half the price.

Honestly, I am unwilling to pay $58++ for local fare, no matter how good it is. (The price was jacked up also because Ramadan.)


5.5Overall Score

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