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Was introduced to this place by my colleague. A casual fine dining restaurant operated by Shatec students where you can expect 3-course set lunches and dinners for a below average price, and exceptionally good service.

I didn’t take down the full name of all these dishes, but their recipes change all the time. (Pun intended.)

Roasted Tomato SoupRich, juicy, tomatoey. All of us shrieked “good” and slurped it dry.

Pan Seared SeabassThere was a slight hint of fishy smell, but it was not too bad.

Grilled Chicken

Apple Caramel DessertI just love their food presentation. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was actually – pie? tart? I checked with one of their boys but he was unsure as well, so I didn’t bothered, as long as it tasted good.


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