PUTIEN @ Kitchener Road

Pu tien – “yi dian ye bu pu tong”. Hahahah that was just one of the cheesiest lines I ever came out with. It meant “not ordinary in any bit” in Mandarin. *Cringe.

But truth to be told, I found the dishes served in PUTIEN very different indeed. Probably the fact that it’s Heng Hwa cuisine, or that the chefs are simply creative.

Deep Fried Pig's Trotters with Pepper

Fried Egg Plant with Pork Floss

Claypot Sea Cucumber with Chestnut

Pomfret in Fermented Red Rice Wine

Salted Spicy Bamboo Clam

Stewed Sweet Potato Noodle

Fried Rice Cake

Sweet & Sour Pork with LycheesI like how all these lychees and chestnuts act as elements of surprises to give traditional Chinese dishes a unique spin.

Deep Fried Chicken with Garlic


6.6Overall Score

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