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This entry came kinda late because I have been caught up with a lot of stuffs recently. But ever since I visited MEDZS for the first time two weeks ago, I’ve seen myself going back twice, and also successfully recommended about five groups of my friends whom went there on different occasions just by hearing me speak. Ahh, the wonders of viva voce ;)

MEDZSSo what is it about this place that makes me so eager to share with everyone? The food, the price, THE BEERS, the location, the ambience – almost everything was above satisfactory level on my checklist.

MEDZSMEDZS provides the first widest spread of authentic Mediterranean food in a casual, cashless-card dining environment. And again, the price the price. I don’t usually put food pricing in my entries (because I’m lazy) unless they are really attractive, which in this case, yes and Imma do it.

Charcuterie Board$18.

Potato Rösti with Sour Cream$4 for this. Add parma ham? Just top up $2.

Ringers?These ringers / beepers / alarms / whatever you call that will literally ring (like a phone) when your food is ready, then you can go collect them at the respective counters.

Duck Confit$10, and a good one.

Lobster Fettuccine$18 for the REAL deal – not the shredded or minced up kind of lobster meat.

Tanjines Chicken$10, and this went especially well with the following ‘Couscous‘, which came with just an additional of $3.


Lamb Leg with Olives Crust$15.

Pork Belly$10. I’m not a fan of fatty pork meat but I just gotta like how this melts in your mouth.

Charcoal-Grilled SeafoodOh, and this gotta be my favourite of all. Cod, salmon, seabass and prawns with mashed potatoes with pumpkin / herbs. But do note that this is just a sampling portion. The actual stuff are sold in fresh fillets priced between $12 to $15.

Beer SelectionBeer lovers, hear hear! The largest range of beers in Singapore is in MEDZS. Spanning over 120 of Mediterranean and international labels, you will definitely be spoilt for choices!

But be sure to grab them fast, because those nice and hard-to-find beers can be wiped out within half a day!

Fruit BeersOn both subsequent occasions that I’ve returned, none of these three were available anymore :( I heard that the ‘Green Goblin’ is damn popular too, because they were sold out on all three occasions! FYI, MEDZS bring in new bottles on a daily basis.


Bar AreaFor those who are only keen on drinking, there’s even a perfect drinking / chilling area catered for you.

You haven’t heard the best part yet. MEDZS is now running an ALL DAY ONE-FOR-ONE BEER promotion (until 30th June 2011). Can it get any better?

DessertsAnd as if my tummy wasn’t already close to explosion, they have all these sweet distractions to tempt you.

DessertsBut my favourite line when it comes to dining is – “There’s always room for desserts.”

MeringueSo, dear $1 Meringue, I’m not letting you off.

And all these tasteful presentation of desserts and food are credited to none other than Chef Mus, a young and talented Morocco-born man. Despite his long busy working hours, Mus takes pride in every dish he prepares and is always caught with a smile on his face.


7.5Overall Score

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