House of Rice Roll & Porridge

My favourite chee cheong fun stall in Singapore.

I was very depressed when I couldn’t find it a while back. I thought they had closed down or moved to somewhere unknown (because it’s not listed in HungryGoWhere), but I received a comment on my old food blog entry about it’s new location, which is just a few shops down the road – from 75 to 89 Killiney Road. Thanks Jac, whoever you are!

Char Siew Chee Cheong FunA MUST in every visit.

Durian Chee Cheong FunI mentioned in that old entry years ago that I did not dare try their signature ‘Durian Chee Cheong Fun‘. I finally did one day, and it was the road to no regrets.

Every time I recommend this dish to my fellow peers, they will raise their eyebrows and look at me like I was insane or something. But once they’ve tried it, all of them would be utterly convinced.

The thick chilled Durian meat went perfectly well with the soft rice flour skin and a dash of peanuts and sugar. It’s a very aberrant kind of sensation and the closest I can relate it to is cold Durian mochi with very thin skin. Heavenly.

House of Rice Roll & Porridge

7.3Overall Score

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  1. My Food Odyssey

    Hi, I was tempted to the durian cheong fun, but couldn’t bring myself to. After reading your post and how for you ‘it was the road to no regrets’, I think I will have to make a trip back there just to try them! :)


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