Watami @ The Central

Visited the The Central branch because the one at ION is always packed.

Food here was of the same great quality, with the same good prices.

Salmon SashimiI wouldn’t have expected much of their sashimi but this was good!

The star of the day is this ‘Special Set’ that I wanna highlight. For only $55++, you get a hugeass bowl of salad, crispy fried chicken with spicy sauce, ‘Agadeshi Tofu‘, one main dish, one hotpot, a bowl of udon / rice, pork katsu with scrambled egg sauce, ‘Mentai Potato Pizza’, and a drink. Basically it’s everything that you see for the rest of this post!

Don’t be taken in when it’s stated as “for 2″. The portions were so huge I think it could even feed up to 4!

Watami Salad

Tori Karaage & Negi Pirikara Sauce-gake

Agadeshi Tofu

Ishiyaki Black Pepper Beef with Rice

Ishikari Nabe


Hire Katsu Tamago

Mentai Potato Salad


7.4Overall Score

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