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Yet another ‘Xiao Long Bao‘ post.

Only that this time, it’s completely out of the norm.

Signature Dynasty Xiao Long BaoColourful soup dumplings that comes in eight unique flavours!

There was actually a recommended flow to which flavour you should attack first (from the mildest to strongest) so that you don’t break the taste. Shall run through this with a few comments.

1. Original (white) – the skin was surprisingly soft and the soup stock was perfect!
2. Garlic (gray) – very fragrant, I like this!
3. Ginseng (green) – too overpowering for me.
4. Foie Gras (brown) – couldn’t taste the Foie Gras at all.
5. Black Truffle (black) – most intimidating in terms of looks, but it turned out to be a favourite!
6. Cheesy (yellow) – just nice.
7. Crab Roe (orange) – kinda weird.
8. Szechuan (pink) – spicy and a little oily, but was rather special.

Cheesy Xiao Long Bao

Szechuan Xiao Long Bao

Being able to try every single flavour was a brilliant idea indeed. Now I know what I’m going to order in bulk for my next visit.

Paradise Dynasty

7.9Overall Score

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