2D1N Soju Bang

With Korean craze on the rise; the amount of meat variety; and the super reasonable pricing of $20+ per pax (even reasonable seems like an understatement), this humble little Korean BBQ restaurant sure draws tons of dinner crowd.

Free Flow Sides

Free Flow Meat

Beef Bulgogi + Beef Short PlateMy two favourite meats of the lot.

BBQ MeatOnly one cooking shot because 1) the meat ain’t very photogenic, and 2) me and my friends were all busy digging in.

Beef Rib EyeHere comes the best part. Wrap the BBQ meat in lettuce, add the Korean chilli paste and munch on it! Oommmph..

The only thing I dislike about this restaurant is their place – greasy, sticky, and hot. However, if you are one who doesn’t mind and only care about the food (like me), by all means, go ahead. Just remember to wash your hair three times to rid that smell. Ha! You are warned!

2D1N Soju Bang

6Overall Score

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