Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant @ Holiday Inn Atrium: CNY

Stepping into Xin Cuisine, one would definitely be swept off his feet by the contemporarily designed interior of this Chinese restaurant.

XinEven before looking at the menu, you know you’re in for a good treat. A well-deserved meal one should pamper yourself with, and Chinese New Year seems to be the perfect calling for this.

Large VIP RoomThere are four VIP rooms in total, two large, and two small..

VIP Room..and they’re all named after Chinese teas.

Table Setting

French Rose TeaA tea for the ladies, and yes, I love it.

Prosperity Yusheng with Gold LeafXin has boldly revamped the ‘Yusheng‘ into something so sophisticated, yet not taking away any of the traditional ingredients which represent good luck, fortune and prosperity.

Prosperity YushengAn iceberg / ice mountain / ice coral of raw fish! This came as a total surprise.

Prosperity YushengWith six different kinds of raw fish – lobster, salmon, tuna, Japanese sweet prawn, geoduck clam and Japanese cobia tastefully handcrafted into the form of rose petals alongside with the six tiers of salad, you’ll understand why Xin’s ‘六六大顺 Yusheng‘ is worth that hefty $388.

Prosperity Yusheng

Prosperity YushengThe raw fish were all fresh and the sauce wasn’t overpowering. A sweet kick start to the CNY feast ahead!

Imperial Pen CaiPen Cai” literally means “basin of food” in Chinese. For top-notch indulgence, Xin has created an imperial version packed with whole Australia 3-head abalone, sharks’ fin, fish maw, deer tendon, sea cucumber, goose web, sea moss, dried oyster, black mushroom, wild bamboo pith and Chinese baby cabbage – each ingredient cooked separately and then stewed for hours to perfection in superior stock.

Goose WebThere’s a Chinese proverb which says “一分钱, 一分货”, meaning “you get what you pay for.” For people who knows how to appreciate, such superiority costs a reasonable $888 for a 10-person serving. Of course, Xin also offers more mid-range choices like their ‘Prosperity Seafood Pen Cai‘ at $388 and ‘Traditional Pen Cai‘ at $338.

Imperial Pen Cai CarrierThe ‘Imperial Pen Cai‘ goes all out to impress. They even have a specially designed luxurious silk carrier just for takeaways.

Roast Pork BellyNot trying to apple polish Xin, but this is the best ‘Siu Yuk‘ I’ve eaten in my entire life! No wonder it is a must-order when people come here.

BBQ Suckling Pig with Foie GrasThis was a nice twist to the tradition – crispy and refreshing.

Nian Gao with Coconut and Chrysanthemum and Radish CakeThese flavoured ‘Nian Gao‘ were another CNY creation.

Nian Gao CarrierAnd they fit nicely into a handbag-looking carrier for takeaways! I like how almost everything in Xin looks so aesthetically pleasing.

Rabbit GaoA special dim sum prepared by the chef to welcome the Year of Rabbit. Ha!

Riding on the fact that the chef could prepare dim sum during dinner, I tried my luck and requested for the custard bun, and the chef agreed!

Steamed Custard BunYou don’t know how elated I was when the overflowing custard exploded in my mouth.

But FYI, dim sum at Xin is served during lunch hours only. They broke the rule for us because it was a media session.

Sesame BallI hate this peanut-filled snack / dessert / whatever it is.

Liquor Scented Sesame BallBut the chef surprised us yet again. He reinvented the traditional jin dui to be filled with chocolate, red bean, and champagne instead! Amazingly delicious!

Mango Pomelo Sago with Ice Cream
All in all, Xin left a deep impression in me and it really made me see Chinese cuisine in a different light. Every dish was above average, and I’d surely be back someday to conquer their dim sum!

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant

8.8Overall Score

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