Laurent Bernard Chocolatier @ The Pier II

I went to Laurent Bernard Chocolatier on several occasions and I can’t believe I’ve never touched their ‘Chocolater Soufflé’ until the very fourth visit despite hearing raves about it. I was so convinced that Max Brenner’s was the best at that point in time, and to pay $16 for dessert doesn’t sound very friendly to my wallet (which is quite ironic ’cause the “so-called soufflé” at Max Brenner costs about the same).

Chocolate SouffleBUT.

Chocolate SouffleIT TURNED OUT TO BE THE BEST $16 SPENT. The vanilla sauce sinks into the soft warm chocolate heart inside, and everything just tasted so right. The texture, the balance of sweetness and bitterness, the fluffiness; even the raspberry sorbet was perfect for palate cleansing. I was so touched I wanted to cry.

I kept thinking about it all day and night after that and I went back a fifth time one week later to have it again, and I’m still thinking about it. This gotta be the best best, for now.

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

7.9Overall Score

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