SoyatoIt’s not ice cream, not gelato, not yoghurt, it’s frozen soy! Welcome Soyato, you’re the first of your kind in Singapore.

SoyatoGood news to the health conscious, the vegans, and lactose intolerance victims. Made using soley soy milk as the base (with no eggs, cream or milk), everyone now gets to enjoy a delicious ice cream-like dessert that is low in fat, high in protein and contains zero cholesterol.

Green Tea Frozen Soy‘Green Tea’ was my favourite among the many other flavours such as ‘Chocolate,’ ‘Honey Lemon,’ ‘Strawberry,’ ‘Yuzu,’ ‘Apple Cinnamon,’ ‘Royal Tea,’ ‘Mango,’ ‘Black Sesame,’ etc.

ToppingsFor those who believe that the true spirit of dessert indulgence ultimately lies in SINNING, here are some toppings and sauces to satisfy the devil in you.


Melon and Green Tea Frozen SoyAnd that’s our cuppa frozen joy! Never knew that plain ol’ soy could be so much fun!

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