Da Paolo II Ristorante

A fine yet unpretentious Italian restaurant with first class service.

Burrata CapreseTomatoes fresh from Holland!

Proscuitto Crudo e MeloneItalian parma ham with rock melon – a salty sweet combination which flirts playfully with your taste buds.

Saltinbocca alla RomanaAlways wanted to try veal (meat of young cattle) and our very first one was pleasantly pan-fried.

Tagliatelle al GranchioThis homemade egg pasta that’s whipped up with crabmeat, tomatoes, cream and vodka sounds oh-so-normal, was in fact fucking brilliant! (So unbelievably good that I can’t help introducing a vulgarity.) The best pasta I ever had in my life, and this again, redefines my benchmark for pastas.

Da Paolo II Ristorante

9Overall Score

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