People go to certain places for different reasons. People go to Starbucks for coffee and chilling, not for food. People go to foodcourts for food, not for chilling ’cause you’d receive pressurised stares to give up your seat.

I’m glad that I’ve been introduced to a new addition by Food Junction – Toast@Work, where you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

The unpretentious and cosy setting fitted with booth seats are just perfect for chilling, lunch, coffee break, anything!

Lionel and I ordered food till no tomorrow and we finished every single item in the menu except for the ‘Peanut Butter + Kaya Toast.’ Trust me, bread fills you up real fast!

Few years ago, my family went crazy over a cafe serving toasted kaya French loaves but after the cafe folded, we couldn’t find any other places selling them. Oh gosh can you imagine how excited I was when I saw the ‘French Loaf’ making its reappearance again!

Chef Martin Woo, one big shot in the F&B industry, perfected the recipe for this humble plate of ‘Fried Bee Hoon‘ on top of Toast@Work’s signature traditional brewed coffee.

Fried chicken from the ‘Bee Hoon Set’ was so good we had to have a plate!

I like it non-greasy like this but Lionel still prefers the oily will-seep-through-your-brown-paper kind.

Pretty average ‘Mee Siam‘ from Mr. Prata. I heard that the true blue good stuff is their ‘Pandan Chicken Set’ which usually gets sold out by lunch.

Toast@Work serves delicious comfort foods and coffee starting from $1, and is currently available at Century Square, Great World City, Raffles City, Bishan Junction and Lot One.

Food: ★ ★ ★
Ambience: ★ ★ ★ ★
Value: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Service: ★ ★ ★

#03-12-20/29, Food Junction, Century Square
2 Tampines Central 5, S(529509)

3 Responses

  1. cherry

    i have visited Toast@Work 9 bishan place #04-01 junction 8 shopping mall at 18:42hour on 18/10 monday their staff service were bad. disappointed.

  2. Anonymous

    I was at the Toast@work at Century Square Tampines and most of their staff are China people and their service sucks. I wanted to buy 2 packets of beehoon and when I saw the guy staff took some plates I quickly correct him and say I wanted packets not eating here. Guess what, he slam the plates on the table with a very impatient look. Immediately I refused to buy anything from there and walk off and that’s not all, he started scolding me when I walk off and I heard the word ‘crazy’…. the whole incident was such a bad image on their nationality and company. I will never walk nor step in again to buy anything. Imagine you got scolded when its him who didnt listen and got the wrong massage. There’s another girl who making coffee there just smirk when we walk off…. Completely insulted and disgusted at their ‘service’.

  3. pond

    Fully agrees. Bishan junction 8 foodcourt outlet toast@work staffs sucks. I happened to spill some milo while taking thr glass of milo. I even volunteered to use tissue clean up. This tall lafy from china was so rude to tell me off no need to clean snd ask if I still into the cutlery container. Attitude sucks.


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